Steak and Squash Salad

This recipe is a bit of work at first glance, but it is really to the table in 30 minutes and reuses some dishes so you don’t have so much dirty stuff to wash up and then end of your gorgeous, satisfying and delicious meal! Ingredients: 2 (5-ounce) grass-fed sirloin steaks  2 ½ cups organic broccoli, florets …

Garlic Ranch Dressing

I always dread getting out my food processor. Yes, it works great, but I hate cleaning it.  If I hand wash it, the thing takes up my entire drying towel & if I put it into the dishwasher, it takes the better part of the top rack.  This was especially a problem when we only…

I’m sick! And other bone broth thoughts…

I grew up with homemade chicken broth and I occasionally make it myself (if we’ve roasted a chicken or had turkey, etc) but I’m guilty of mostly using the store bought stuff. I thought I was buying a quality broth using Pacific brand Chicken Broth/Stock. After making my own, I was SHOCKED to find out that Pacific and most other brands puts some form of sugar into their broth. I have since bought Pacific Bone Broth, but it is not easy to find – I’ve only found it at Whole Foods in our area. I’ve located bones and have since been making my own more regularly!

Poached eggs and brussel sprouts

About my recipes, let me apologize if they are less than explanatory. I may at some time, come back and fill in the details, but until then, I will provide the basics about how I am cooking, but leave the how much to your own taste. Please leave me a message if you need more detail!

Poaches eggs and brussel sprouts

Today’s breakfast was…

Spicy taco salad with mexi dressing

Taco salad is a definite “go to” recipe for me. Lunch is a meal that I don’t like fussing with – between making lunch for my daughter, dealing with nap time and then also squeezing in a healthy lunch for myself, I just do better if I have lunch almost ready to go. Leftovers are an easy way to do this, but (I know this is strange) I often eat them for breakfast… so I need a lunch that is something different.

Mexican Chicken Stir Fry

I have made a lot of Whole 30 approved meals and this was not one of my favorites. However, even saying that, it’s still worth sharing. This is a crazy easy one pot meal that is just my husband’s speed. So while it might not be my favorite, I do enjoy a night off:) If you need a fast & easy meal, definitely give this a try! Oh, and another plus… there wasn’t even an argument from my 3 year old!