Round “3” Coming Up


It’s that time of year, you know, New Years resolutions and all.  I have been wanting to start a new round of Whole 30 and I didn’t really want to do it as a New Years resolution, since research has shown that they usually fail.  But here I am, redirecting my old blog and also starting again.

Here’s a little about me… it’s almost the end of 2016.  In April of this year, my daughter was just about to turn 3 and I was feeling the most unhealthy of my life at 290 pounds, completely addicted to sugar.  I couldn’t get off the sugar merry go round – I knew I needed to, but every day was a new battle that I was failing.  I randomly saw a friend of a friend’s post on Facebook that Whole30 had changed their life.  Expecting it to be another of those ridiculous “Dr Oz” fake health ads, I started looking into Whole 30.  To my surprise, it was totally healthy, wholesome eating.  In 2 days I read the Whole 30 book and on April 10th I started my first round.  And I did it!!  Of course, that whole experience was another story, but it was so amazing, I totally loved the process and my results.  I lost 20 pounds, I FELT amazing and had so much energy that I started running again (which I’d avoided for years).  I stuck pretty close to Whole 30 lifestyle for 4 months and then still stuck relatively close but the holidays have done me in.  I’m way off track and it’s time to get back on the band wagon.  The good news is that over the year 2016 I went from 293 to 263 and changed from barely fitting in six 20 jeans to a loose 18.  While I would have loved to make more progress, I’m happy with losing 30 pounds and I’m ready to go for a new start!!

My current state – I weigh 263 and wear a size 18.  Comparing how I felt when I completed my 30 days, my tummy feels icky, I’m sluggish, staying up late and snacking at night and then can’t get up in the morning.  I’m not exercising consistently.  Feeling ready for a change.  So this is me, ready for a new round.  Here we go Whole 30.  Day 1 of round 3!


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