I’m sick! And other bone broth thoughts…


I grew up with homemade chicken broth and I occasionally make it myself (if we’ve roasted a chicken or had turkey, etc) but I’m guilty of mostly using the store bought stuff.  I thought I was buying a quality broth using Pacific brand Chicken Broth/Stock.  After making my own, I was SHOCKED to find out that Pacific and most other brands puts some form of sugar into their broth.  I have since bought Pacific Bone Broth, but it is not easy to find – I’ve only found it at Whole Foods in our area.  I’ve located bones and have since been making my own more regularly!

However, today I went to our local food coop and they had several of the Epic brand products that are endorsed by Whole 30.  I picked up a couple of the bars to give them a try and I saw that they had refrigerated Epic Bone Broth and although a splurge, I HAD to try it.  I have a cold right now and I’ve made a nice little comfort soup that I thought I’d make.  If you’re feeling sick, I definitely recommend it (recipe below).

However, I didn’t do it – as it warmed up in the pan, I tried a little taste of the Epic Turkey Cranberry & Sage Bone Broth I’d purchased and I didn’t add the coconut milk!  It seemed ashamed to add ingredients, because this bone broth is out of this world good!  I’ve heard of people drinking bone broth instead of coffee, and seriously, if mine tasted like this, I could TOTALLY do it!

I recommend that you give it a try if you have the chance!  It might just inspire your own fancy bone broth!  And if you don’t know much about bone broth, you should start looking into it!

I’m Sick Whole 30 Soup


  • Chicken broth or bone broth (Whole 30 compliant)
  • Coconut milk (canned), reserving the creamy/fat portion
  • Lime, cooked chicken, cooked mushrooms – or any add ins you like


  • Warm chicken broth (I usually start with about 2 cups)
  • When the broth is heated, add the coconut milk until the bits of the coconut cream have melted & combined.
  • Add any add-ins you would like (these ingredients should be pre-cooked… leftovers work great).  When I am sick, I include broth, coconut milk and lime juice and eat some leftover meat & veggies with it.
  • You can also add some or all of the coconut cream if you want to have a creamy soup.  (Personally, I usually reserve this to use in my coffee)

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