The Night Before

Well, this is it, I’m ready to start my 2nd Whole 30 tomorrow.  I love Whole 30, seriously L-O-V-E it!  I have done practically every weight loss program there is and for the first time, I feel that I’m just feeding my body good foods and not completely obsessed about how many bites I eat, consuming my every thought!

I have had a 2 week break since my last Whole 30, but really, I’ve stuck with in for those two weeks as well because I just really didn’t want anything else!  I had a “date” with my husband last Friday and thought I’d just eat whatever I wanted at the restaurant.  But by golly, what I wanted was the good food I’d been eating!  I did have a glass of red wine on 3 occasions in those 2 weeks, I had a cookie on our date, and tonight I had a slice of banana bread.

But now, I’m ready to go!  I made a fresh batch of Ghee today, I have homemade beef and chicken bone broth in the freezer.  And I have a meal plan for my entire month.  This is the key for me with meal planning – it does take a while to put together, but it is TOTALLY worth the time.  Not only does it make it so I have lots of meal ideas laid out, but it also helps me budget, which is one of my goals for this time through.  I didn’t worry about budget last time, just focusing on eating well, but lots of expenses hit the fan this month & it’s what my husband & I call a “buckle down” month this month!

My routine on Whole 30 has become, checking my meal plan for the next day before I go to bed at night.  I’m all set for tomorrow!  For breakfast, I’m having Eggs Benedict with Brussel Sprouts.  For lunch, Taco salad.  For dinner, Mexican Chicken Stir Fry.  Lunch will be a little more work than I typically like, but I’ll live.

So here’s to any 30!  Whole 30, I love you!!



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